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Bored. I was so utterly bored when I posted this.

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For People who are actually looking for something in my journal.

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12.20.2011 ~ Made Entry
12.21.2011 ~ Added: KHR Desktop Folder Icons I

05.04.2012 ~ Added: Walkthrough: Otome game (P)lanets

Walkthrough: Otome game (P)lanets

So I just thought of making a walkthrough for this AMAZINGLY CUUUTEE game by Teacup (: This isn't an official guide or anything. I'm just a fan who wants to help other fans complete all their routes.

GAME : (P)lanets
CREATOR(S) : TeaCup Production
CG WORKS : Altiera | DeviantArt
ABOUT : Forum topic by creators & DDL to game
LINKS : TeaCup Production's blog


Normal End:
Catch up with him -> 4-A -> Don't pick courtyard -> Stay here -> Mysterious and cool-> I should ask for his help-> I wish you two would stop fighting -> I want to be close with Kaius

Perfect End: ((Get all CGs for Kaius))
Catch up with him -> 4-B -> Pick Courtyard -> Stay here -> Mysterious and cool-> I should ask for his help-> I wish you two would stop fighting -> I want to be close with Kaius


Normal End:
Catch up with him -> 4A -> Eat lunch on the roof -> Laugh -> Happy and energetic -> Eat lunch on the roof -> Teasingly wake him up ->Help Ryuu -> Say 'do you really feel that way' when he confesses his feelings

Lol, okay, I know this is a weird place to stop, but I googled some more, and found the official one on their blog. Now I feel stupid, but I don't feel like deleting all my writing so I'll leave this on. Just hop over to HERE see the whole thing (:

KHR Desktop Icons I

Oh, my lord, what am I doing? I should be studying for my test tomorrow >A<;; Anyways, this is the first batch of the KHR folder icons that I made, I make the rest some other time.


Download the file HERE


Icons for your desktop. It works with Windows

  • 1. Right click on the folder whose icon you want to change.
  • 2. Click on properties.
  • 3. Go to the 'customize' tab and click on 'Change Icon...' at the bottom and selct the file at the window that comes up.

    12.21.2011-11:23PM: Edited file; new file is up! Sorry to the people who downloaded it before!
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    45 Icons!

    45 Icons!

    Photography: 001-010
    Vocaloids: 011-026
    Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn: 027-036
    Momo: 037-045


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